AVerse – The Android Application For Poetry Lovers

Hi there, 2017! So we made it. Seriously, we are still alive despite what happened in 2016. Now we have Donald Trump. One thing I still can’t believe or wrap my head around. Let us move on folks.  Good thing is, I have created an app to keep you busy, entertained and informed. AVerse – the app for those who are not ashamed to read poems. I have purposely developed this application to help you access as many poems as possible from as many popular poets as possible! Check it out:

android app for poetry lovers


Design Patterns In Java – Observer By Example

In this design patterns in java series, I will be documenting the most common design patterns as written by the Gang of Four in their classic book: Design Patterns – Elements of Reusable Object-oriented Software.

I will maintain a pattern (no pun intended) of giving a real-world example then show you the code example. Ready? Let us do this!

design patterns java

Real World Example

Design patterns are everywhere in our lives. For example, a newspaper publishing company releases papers each morning and the papers are delivered to their customers/readers by the good old paper boys! So, the company will keep a list of newspaper subscribers in their database somewhere! The readers are free to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the service if you are tired or when money runs out! Makes sense right?

How To Handle Click Events In Android RecyclerViews

According to the documentation, a RecyclerView is a flexible view for providing a limited window into a large data set. If you have done any android development before, you definitely know the popular ListView class used to display lists of things. After its release by Google however, most of us have moved on and now use RecyclerViews. In this post, I want to show you how to handle click events like regular touch event and also long click in recyclerviews because you cannot just set OnClickListeners like you would for a ListView.


How To Use EventBus – A Beautiful Android Library

EventBus is an Android optimized event bus that simplifies communication between Activities, Fragments, Threads, Services, etc. Less code, better quality. You see, if you have developed android applications before, you will agree with me when I say that communication between different parts of the project code can be a pain. Using interfaces might work but not all the times. The idea though would be to stick to the best design patterns in Java which include decoupling your code. Eliminate dependencies. Let us get started!


First Things First

To use EventBus, you should add the following to your build.gradle file (app-level file)

The Comeback – Is It Too Late To Say Am Sorry?

Let me start this short post by saying I am sorry for taking what almost felt like an eternity to write new posts. Will you accept my apology? Thank you!! I mean, I have been gone so long that Donald Trump has spewed more insults at people than all my previous blog posts combined. Let me not start talking about all the things that have happened around the world.


You wanna know something? I think it is laziness or whatever you call that situation where you give yourself excuses not to do certain things. Yeah, the struggle is real bro!

Quotes – Android App To Record And Share Your Important Thoughts

Quotes Android App


Today, am happy to introduce to you my newest android application : Quotes!

In a nutshell, this android app helps you record your deepest, perhaps most important thoughts so you don’t have to lose them by guess what, forgetting!

How does it do that for you? I will make your life a little easier (just like the app does) and let you watch this short video demo of the Quotes app.

You can either:

  1. Speak out loud and your device’s microphone will record your thoughts, ideas, items that you want to do etc.

How To Update Android Apk Outside The Playstore

How to update android apk outside the playstore

Let’s learn how to update android apk outside the playstore in this short post! Perhaps you have a scenario where you don’t want to publish your app in the playstore. The reason behind your decision could be to have more control over who installs the app or even the size of the file itself among other things.

Food Saver App – Let’s Fight Hunger Now (US Release)

Fight hunger now

Food Saver app enables anyone to fight hunger now – yes, immediately, by providing you with 15 closest food collection centers based on your GPS coordinates. I will describe the key features later in a video demo below but for now, let me tell you a bit about why this is one of the most important projects I have solely worked on. Here is how the home screen looks like – watch video below this post for a demo:

How To Share An Image On Facebook In Android

how to share on facebook

how to share on facebook
How to share on facebook

Let’s learn how to share an image on Facebook in Android using their ever-changing API. If you have used Facebook’s Android SDK, you know it can be a PITA to say the least. I think Mark should give the developers a vacation for heck’s sake!

How To Share An Image On Facebook In Android – Sample Code

Before you can use Facebook’s Android SDK in your Android application (to add features like sharing, liking etc), you have several options of including their SDK in your project. For instance:

Introducing AllosTech – A New 3D Printing Company

3D Printer

3D printing technology is no longer too foreign to most of us. You must have heard about it while running around or even while seated somewhere watching something online – who knows? In this feature post, am going to let my friend Nathan Adams tell us about his brand new company – FYI he also provides hosting services among other things; AllosTech and what he has to offer to the masses as far as 3D printing technology is concerned.


3D Printing Technology – AllosTech Launching

I am pleased to announce the opening of a brand new 3D Printing company – AllosTech