What Needs To Be In An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter

What Needs To Be In An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter?

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Everyone should be happy and mentally healthy, and animals have been found to be a natural, safe, and effective way to treat a wide range of emotional and mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, phobias, PTSD, and more.

When it comes to housing, even though emotional support animals don’t have the same legal rights as service animals, they can qualify for certain concessions. It is necessary to get an ESA letter from a licensed mental health practitioner to prove the significance of your pet’s presence in your life.

But not for too long! As long as you have all the documents you need to register your pet as an ESA or get an emotional support animal, it’s easier than you think to get one. It’s the most important document of all to get an ESA letter. This letter will let you bring your emotional support animal along.

You might be wondering what to put in a letter for an emotional support animal. This article has a detailed template that you can use for help. You’ll also learn about the many ways that can help you through the process of getting an ESA letter.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

People who help you with your emotions. Many people have pets, and even though they aren’t trained to do any work, the pets still play a very important role in their owners’ daily lives. These pets are very important because they can help people with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression feel better.

Cats, dogs, and even small pets like hamsters can be ESAs, which means they can help people who have a disability. The main difference between a normal pet and an official emotional support animal is that the animal has an ESA letter that was signed by a mental health worker.

People who help you with your emotions. In this case, animals are not trained to do a specific job for their owners. Instead, they can be a source of comfort for people who are dealing with mental health symptoms and emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety, as well as feelings of loneliness.

Service animals, on the other hand, are trained to help people who have a disability. ESAs, on the other hand, aren’t like service animals. Suppose a service animal is trained to know when its owner is going to have a panic attack and do something to stop the attack or lessen its effects. This is not the case with an ESA, which is more generalised.

People who have service animals can bring them to places like restaurants, stores, hotels, and aeroplanes, but the Americans With Disabilities Act doesn’t allow people with ESAs to get the same benefits as people who have service animals.

Ernesto Lira de la Rosa, PhD, a licenced clinical psychologist and media advisor for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, says that ESAs can also be a source of comfort when people are having a hard time, like when they’re having a bad day. These aren’t the only possible benefits. They could also help with loneliness, stress, or anxiety while making you feel more happy and relaxed.

There was a small study in 2021 that found that having an emotional support animal helped people with mental health problems or psychiatric disorders feel less depressed, anxious, and lonely. Oxytocin, which is linked to feelings of bonding and well-being, also rose after people spent 10 minutes focused on their emotional support animal. Cortisol, which is linked to feelings of stress, also fell.

ESAs were also found to be very helpful for people with mental health problems when they were in a crisis, because their presence seemed to take their minds off their symptoms and experiences.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter

There is proof that an emotional support animal helps you manage a mental health disorder, which makes it part of your treatment plan. An ESA letter is proof that the animal helps you. For your emotional support animal to get special treatment, you need to have a valid letter from a doctor. This letter usually means that you can bring your pet into places where they wouldn’t be allowed. The only thing that is different between ESAs and service animals is that ESAs don’t have as many rights. You can’t use your letter from the ESA to get on many of the big airlines. United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines are just a few examples.

Keeping in mind that not everyone can have an emotional support animal is important. This means that not everyone will be able to get a letter that says they can have an animal. When it comes to mental health, one in four American adults has some kind of mental or emotional problem. As long as you fall into this group, it’s easy to get an ESA letter.

Getting your letter from a licensed mental health expert or doctor is the best way to get your ESA letter. Instead of getting it from an online site that promises a quick and easy way, get it from a real person. The last option isn’t the best because there are more and more scams on the internet. However, there are a few legitimate sites out there that can make the process very easy. Choose an online site with care. First, look at their success stories and customer reviews. Also, look at the general feedback that people have given them on their site.

What Needs To Be In An ESA Letter? (Points & Template)

What Needs To Be In An ESA Letter? (Points & Template)

Emotional animal support letters can be written by people who charge for their services. You can find these paid services on our site. They will do an assessment and write the letter for you.

An ESA letter must have certain things in order to be valid. The most important thing is that it’s written and signed by a licensed mental health professional, which makes it valid. The other things that must be there are:

  • The date the letter was written
  • Name and license number of the mental health professional
  • Type of license number
  • Address and phone number of the office
  • Explanation of your mental health issue
  • Explanation of why the emotional support animal helps the symptoms

An emotional support animal letter like this one can help your mental health professional figure out what needs to be in one.


To Whom This May Concern,

To be honest, I’ve had the chance to look at [Patient Name]. He, she, or they have a disability because of [a specific mental health illness]. I have given him/her/them an emotional support animal to help them deal with stress, anxiety, and other things. The best way to get in touch with me is by calling.




Getting an emotional support animal letter is more likely to be accepted in some states than in others. However, there is a federal law that gives some legal protections to people who have a pet as a companion across the United States.

If a tenant has an emotional support animal, the Fair Housing Act says that landlords must make “reasonable accommodations” for them, as long as this doesn’t cause “undue hardship.” In other words, you should be able to bring your dog or cat into any home or building that doesn’t allow pets.

Having an emotional support animal could help you if you have a mental health problem that could be better if you had one. You should start the process of getting a valid ESA letter. Get this official document, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take your pet everywhere. It will, however, help in some situations. Steps to get a letter for an emotional support animal:

  1. Talk to a mental health professional who already knows about your case. There are ESA letter services that can help people who aren’t currently getting treatment. They’ll look at them and make sure they have the right documents.
  2. You should talk about what you’re going through and how an emotional support animal could help you deal with it, which could include soothing your anxiety or lowering your stress level, for example.
  3. Explain that you need a letter that meets all of the official requirements to get your pet’s official status as an emotional support animal, and that you need it now.



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