How To Use Github Public Repository

Let us learn how to use github public repository.This happens to be my last post on this Programming With Twitter API journey. I do not feel sad because this is actually just the beginning! I will not stop here, I will keep making something better out of it. This has been a great adventure, very informing and fun. So, without much a do, I want to show you(if you have not done this before), how to make our code publicly accessible to interested people who want to read it and even use it for their own learning or applications. I am going straight to github – by the way this is not the only one, look for bitbucket or something that makes you happy.

public repository github

So, once we are over at , we can grab a free account for now and then do some cosmetic setups and off we go. It is a simple process that should take you less than 5 minutes or ten at most. For easier commits, you should download github onto your machine then perform these two actions to set it up for usage:

#After installing github on your machine, you set up
#first the username, then the email by entering these
#commands onto your terminal

$ git config –global "your user name here"
#sets the default name for use by git when you commit

$ git config –global "your email"
#sets the default email for use by git when you commit


That will make your work so much easier because you will just publish new code without having to visit github website. Take a look at what I did here:

public repository github

If you look keenly at the snapshot above, you will see how a typical page looks like once you have logged into your repository. Just below the page is a list of files that include an optional README. Finally, I would like to show you how opened files will look like on Github. It is a good skill to comment your code because you never know who will be reading it and most importantly, you yourself will be reading it a few years from now. It will be shameful not to understand your own code!

public repository github

So, there you have it. Every time you want to review your code, or improve it, you can do so without any worries of losing it. Github is your friend, always there for you when you need it. I hope you found this post useful and you will have your awesome scripts available on Github for others to read and even use.

You can easily access my repository on Github by visiting simpledeveloper .

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Written By Elisha Chirchir

Elisha Chirchir is a software developer. He is also the founder of Simple Developer and co-founder of Instinctive Software Solutions. On any given day, he works on both Android and Web Development. During his 'free time', he offers training to those interested in learning how to code in php, java, python, javaScript etc. You can easily find him on StackOverflow Android chatroom or on Twitter @Eenvincible

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