Why Go To College? Community vs University

Some people ask why go to college when you could do A, B or C? The debate on whether you should go to college or not has intensified recently for several reasons. This is particularly close to home for those in the United States. No matter where you stand, a college education is still important today even though the cost of earning a degree keeps increasing at an alarming rate. So, what should you do?

why go to college

There are several alternatives to a university education if you cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for four years and then a life-time of crippling debt.

Boston Marathon Bombings and The Texas Blast

Hello! This weekend, I would like to finish off this week with a few words based on what has transpired so far. We might both agree to the fact that it has been quite terrifying and yet amazing how great people came together (and still do) in the name of peace and love.


This has been a sad week for sure. I will start by thanking the brave men and women in uniforms. They did all they could to bring the second terror suspect to justice and by so doing, they put their own lives at risk. To those who lost their lives or got injured during the bombing, I hope justice is truly served. May peace be with you.