Terrorism In Kenya – The Evil Acts of Killing The Innocent

Terrorism in Kenya has taken an uptick lately and the latest incident is totally heinous and evil. That is not to say that there are good versions of terror. There are certain things in life that you can hear about, see or smell and still say nothing about them but this is not one of them. I mean, who in their right mind uses religion as an excuse to kill innocent people? What? This is just too much.

terrorism in kenya

Boston Marathon Bombings and The Texas Blast

Hello! This weekend, I would like to finish off this week with a few words based on what has transpired so far. We might both agree to the fact that it has been quite terrifying and yet amazing how great people came together (and still do) in the name of peace and love.


This has been a sad week for sure. I will start by thanking the brave men and women in uniforms. They did all they could to bring the second terror suspect to justice and by so doing, they put their own lives at risk. To those who lost their lives or got injured during the bombing, I hope justice is truly served. May peace be with you.