Mandelbrot Set – Using HTML5 Web Workers

The Mandelbrot set is a Mathematical set of points whose boundary is distinctive and easily recognizable two-dimensional fractal shape. After reading a little more about it, I learned that it is named after the Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot who not only studied it but also made it quite popular. You might have run into this mandelbrot set before without knowing how it is actually made. Well, here is how our final result will look like, quite interesting. If you click on the fractal, a new shape is created.

mandelbrot set

HTML Tags Hunting Around The Neighborhood

Welcome to HTML Tags. This is my level 3 challenge! The requirement of the challenge was to put together descriptive images representing several html tags and then create a post on my blog. I will be honest, it was really cold outside today and I had to be creative enough with what I had around me. The falling snow is my witness!

So, I took an extra step and created what I think should be a good representation of html tags information – using stickies. I really liked the original idea because it helped me remember the concepts behind the tags very well. Too much talk? Me too, let us just see the photos already!