Is Soda Bad For You? A Confession and a 30-Day Challenge

Tell me, is soda bad for you? I know you are probably saying, oh definitely it is not good for your health but we still drink it anyway. Like one guy once joked, if it is bad for you, why did they make it taste so darn good? I have a confession to make today: I drink a good amount of soda every week. You know those 1.25 Liter Sprite bottles from Walgreens ? They only cost 99 cents. I also like Root Beer but I prefer to buy it from A & W restaurant because it tastes so friggin’ good. Anyway, here is the terrible part of the story:

How I Use a Bike and Play Tennis Fitness

Hello! Today, I am not going to write about software developer fitness and coding, instead. I want to share my fitness regiment. Am I fit? I doubt it! I just try to be by doing a few things:

The Shake Weight Craze

If you have not heard of the shake weight don’t worry, I am going to show you right now. Here is a photo and please don’t jump into conclusions. It is pure exercise:

software developer fitness and coding