When Hard Work Does Not Pay Off and The Invisible Arc of Fate

“Hard work pays off” is just one of the many overrated statements out there. I have come to discover that it is not true for all people. You can prove me wrong but read on. The idea that anybody can work hard and finally succeed is only useful for encouragement purposes. Again, before I get into some people’s nerves, let me put it this way: many people are working so hard, really hard, but still remain poor or unsuccessful in life and then you start to wonder what the whole point is.

hard work pays off


The Other Ten Commandments Moses Did Not Deliver

Ten Commandments? The most likely thing that comes to your mind whenever you read, see or hear the Ten Commandments is Moses, mount Sinai among other things and yet this post has nothing to do with that guy. You see, there are many other commandments out there and today, I am going to share my own even though am nothing like Moses! WARNING: These are my own opinions and have not been approved by any useless committee or personality who claims to be a member of any such party. Reading this implies that you agree to the non-existent terms and are therefore doing it at your own risk.

Why People Fail Even After Working Very Hard

You want to know why people fail? There is no doubt you have had your plans or hopes crushed one way or another and you were left wondering why. There are so many things out there today that could make or break you and you and I are two of them. Yes, sure, many people say failure is good for you because you learn from it – but what about people who never learn from their mistakes?

why people fail

How To Succeed After Failure In Life

How to succeed after failure in life? What? That is a huge question. This last few days, I have been quite busy with other things and that is why it took me longer than I wanted to post something. I hope you are doing good. I thought about the idea of failure right after asking myself what success really meant. I know , how to succeed is a good question. Let us take a look at some ideas.

how to succeed

It is always amazing how we realize the order of things when we mature as humans. One major, and I mean this, major mistake parents make is making their children think only of success and not failure. If your parent talked to you about failure, then good for you.