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A python application can be a good place to start your web application development adventures and that is why I would like to invite you if you love teamwork and want to learn as you contribute. I am choosing a python application because python is my language of choice. Let me explain what the project is all about:

python application python applications

The Python Application Idea

As an aspiring web developer, I think differently, and I know you do this too – every time you run into things in life and you wish you could change the world. More often than not, you will be surprised to learn that someone has already developed something similar to your idea but instead of losing hope, you take a long walk alone and rethink the idea.

I believe that there is a lot of things we could do as humans who care about other humans and that is why I am inviting you to join me in developing this python application that I would like to call : Donate Your Birthday. Here is what it is all about in simplicity:

  • Let us assume your birthday is coming up soon.
  • So, you stop by our site and get you registered and your birthday added to the list of upcoming birthdays.
  • There are so many people celebrating birthdays everyday and if you think about it, getting a large number of people have their birthdays donated to charity can be great.
  • When your birthday comes, you can do several things which could include:
    • Choose from a list of charities to donate to
    • Visit a sick child at a hospital
    • Feed the homeless people at a soup kitchen
    • Clean up your city if it needs some cleaning
    • Teach someone something you know.
    • Even more.
  • Then after that, take a snapshot to actually prove that you have completed the task and upload to our site. I understand what you might be asking yourself – what if I don’t want to publish what I have done? Good question. We will add a “anonymous” feature.
  • If you still feel like you want to party after doing something to someone ‘donating your birthday’, you are free to do so. You will have made a difference.
  • We will do all we can to collaborate (you can even suggest your own charities of choice) with charities like The Red Cross, Children’s Hospitals and others. This will enable people to make donations without leaving our site if necessary.

In General,

This python application is more than an application. It is about changing people’s lives. Quite honestly, there are people who need our help and what best way to do it than during our birthdays? It sounds good to me and I hope it does to you.

There are many features this application will have. That is why I need you to join me in building it. Here is how:

How to join this team:

First, you don’t have to be experienced in python or any other language. If you have the passion and want to contribute to this python application, you are most invited. I have created a document on Google Docs that I would like to invite you for brainstorming.

So, send me a short message through my contact page and please have your subject state “Python Application Project”. 

Once I receive your request, I will invite you to a collaboration page on Google Docs so that you can contribute.

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope this excites you whether you are a beginning programmer or an experienced coder who wants to build something that will change the world one birthday at a time. 

Thank you for reading this post. Please Share it using the buttons below and subscribe. You can also add more ideas – I love ideas. See you soon!

NOTE: You can read my previous post about ways to celebrate birthdays here.


Written By Elisha Chirchir

Elisha Chirchir is a software developer. He is also the founder of Simple Developer and co-founder of Instinctive Software Solutions. On any given day, he works on both Android and Web Development. During his 'free time', he offers training to those interested in learning how to code in php, java, python, javaScript etc. You can easily find him on StackOverflow Android chatroom or on Twitter @Eenvincible

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