What Is The Secret of Happiness And Success In Life?

What is the secret of happiness and life? Is it having the coolest friends in the world? Is it living in a beautiful home or focusing on being healthy? You probably know that there is more to it than what I just listed above.

Sometimes I ask myself endless questions like; why do I get up and drive to work everyday? Why do I get so annoyed by careless drivers every time they cut me in traffic? Why do I feel like I don’t make enough money? Why am I driving an old Honda when everyone else on the right, left, front and behind me on the highway seems to be driving brand new cars? Here is the thing, I don’t feel like that anymore and I have discovered the secret to happiness and I am going to share with you today!

ADB Not Responding Wait or Kill Server Manually – The Solution

“Adb not responding. you can wait more or kill adb process manually and click ‘restart'” – this is the error message I got after installing Intellij 13 and a clean Ubuntu 13 on my machine. I used to run Windows 8 but I decided to switch everything to Linux. I looked everywhere – and saying I was annoyed is an understatement. To worsen things, I am a little under the weather today (sick). Anyway, I eventually was able to fix this problem after hours and hours of trying. This is how I felt when I couldn’t find the solution:

And The Android Tablet Winner Is ……..(Announced Today)

I have been planning to announce the winner of the Free Android Tablet I announced two weeks or so ago in a previous post. The good news is that I will do so today in this post and it could be you! It took me a while to decide on who the winner was, not because it was necessarily hard but because of time – working Monday – Friday every week leaves me with weekends to do other stuff (like writing blog posts and projects). Anyway, here we are and it is time to see who the winner is.

win free android tablet

How To Design Android Apps – a Simple Example

Let’s Learn how to design android apps in this post. Before we go any farther, I would like to warn you that I am not a designer by trade but I am learning these skills each day. In fact, I will admit that am terrible with colors (don’t expect over the top results from me as far as colors are concerned). Anyway, I like showing people what the final product looks like before I explain how to create it – this is because it helps those learning to have the picture in their memory and of course it is exciting that way. Let us get to it.

How To Fix ‘The System Running In Low Graphics Mode’ Error (Linux)

“Your System running in low graphics mode.” Yeah, you have been served son! Today was one of those dark days for me. I was feeling tired after a few hours on the computer configuring some stuff – particularly LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl) tools. I did this because I am planning to create some APIs for a project! So, I just let my laptop go to sleep and when I came back it was OFF. What the heck? I asked myself and tried turning it ON to the shock of my eyes. This is what surprised me;

Win a Free Android Tablet For Testing Your Apps

Win a FREE android 7 inch tablet and use it to test your android applications before publishing them! Yeah, I am not kidding here pal, you could be a winner of a new android tablet. Everything is on me. It comes with a charger and a USB cord for debugging your badass applications.  Here is the tablet am talking about!

win free android tablet

How To Win a Free Android Tablet

You are probably asking; what are the rules here mr grasshopper? Nothing much really. Just to keep this fair and civil, here are the contest rules:

How To Build Android Apps Using Google Maps API

You wanna build an android app using Android Google Maps API? If you answered yes, stick around. I have something good for you. At the end of this post, you can checkout my repository for the source code for this simple android app unnecessarily named “KENYAPP”. Well, it is an app about Kenya. You can change the name to what you want. Also change the coordinates to your own country.

Android Google Maps API Demo App End Product


As you can see, on the left of the top part is  a list of Provinces and on the right hand side is a map with a marker on it. Below the map are several things;

Windows – Linux Transition And Here Comes The Terminator

A Windows – Linux switch can be both exciting and scary to say the least. At my new (awesome) job, everybody uses Linux (Ubuntu) and I arrived there as a Windows guy only to learn that I was the only black sheep in the family. So, instead of being lethargic, I called on the gods of the universe to help me make the once-seemingly-inevitable transition. Today, am happy to announce that I have officially made a Windows to Linux change. The rest of this post will detail the process! Enjoy it!

windows - linux

When Hard Work Does Not Pay Off and The Invisible Arc of Fate

“Hard work pays off” is just one of the many overrated statements out there. I have come to discover that it is not true for all people. You can prove me wrong but read on. The idea that anybody can work hard and finally succeed is only useful for encouragement purposes. Again, before I get into some people’s nerves, let me put it this way: many people are working so hard, really hard, but still remain poor or unsuccessful in life and then you start to wonder what the whole point is.

hard work pays off


Government Shutdown and The Only Lesson To Learn From It

The US government shut down recently for two weeks and it is reported that the economy lost $24 billion dollars as a result of the bickering in Washington DC. If you know your stuff well, you will remember that this is not the first time this has happened. What is the point of all these? Are you FED up with this? I know many people are, and as sure as heck, I am too!! This is my weekend recap post and I would urge you to keep reading my rants if politics interest you.

us-government shutdown