I Seriously Need Your Opinion On This One

Hi! Starting last week, I have been working on a project that I believe could change the way new beginners learn the whole craft of software development. I made a video and posted it on YouTube and one guy who watched it asked me why I posted it instead of keeping it secret. I believe this is not meant to be a secret. Today however, I am kindly coming to you for opinions on my landing page. Please take a minute and tell me what you think could be kept, changed, or removed from this page. They say if you ask a question, you become stupid for only five minutes. If you don’t ask, you remain stupid forever. So, here it is:

First variation of the page is here:


It is a simple page as you can see. At this point, the page allows future users to subscribe to the mailing list for before-launch notification or invites. Nothing fancy!

This is another variation of the page.


Notably, the variation here is very slight – I just changed the background color of the body. That is all.

Once again, please take a minute or so to express your opinion. I am ready for it. It can be as blunt as it can get. This is my sincere request to you. What do you like or hate most about this page? Should I start over? These are just a few of the questions to ask.

Thank you. Please share this post  with your friends!

Written By Elisha Chirchir

Elisha Chirchir is a software developer. He is also the founder of Simple Developer and co-founder of Instinctive Software Solutions. On any given day, he works on both Android and Web Development. During his 'free time', he offers training to those interested in learning how to code in php, java, python, javaScript etc. You can easily find him on StackOverflow Android chatroom or on Twitter @Eenvincible

3 Comments on “I Seriously Need Your Opinion On This One

  1. Eric Christensen Reply

    June 16, 2013 at 4:08

    Hi I’m new to this website so this might seem like an odd question if it’s obvious but can you post a link to the youtube video you were referring to?

    Love the website and I’m definitely going to be viewing it a lot more now that I’ve discovered it.

    • Elisha Chirchir Reply

      June 16, 2013 at 4:22

      Which youtube video are you referring to? I would be happy to share the link if I can figure out which video.
      Please tell me where you read that so I can share the link.

      Thank you for the comment.

    • Elisha Chirchir Reply

      June 16, 2013 at 4:25

      I think I understand what you mean. Thanks for the comment and the video I was referring to is here:


      Please let me know what you think.

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