How To Rank On Google – From Darkness To #1

Everyone would love to know how to rank on Google, including myself. Well, today, I would like to share a few ideas that could get you the much needed readers and traffic. The reason why you start a blog in the first place is so that you can share your knowledge and experiences with others all over the world. If that is not the case, you might as well keep it private, like a diary. Just to show you that I am not talking BS, take a quick look at my presence on Google, Bing and Yahoo for different keywords:

how to rank on google

There are no shortcuts on how to rank on Google, Bing or Yahoo! So, we should all forget about that before moving on! Now that we are clear, let us begin:

Simple Tips on How To Rank on Google

I am going to share with you just a few things that could help you rank on the three major search engines mentioned above. Along the way, I will be showing you the snapshots of my own blog as ranked by the same search engines.

1)Use Google Keyword Tool

When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know that I could do research before writing my posts. That means I created useful content that no one online could locate. Of course I don’t have the money to promote my content online and so I rely on the optimization. So, before you write anything on your blog, start the Google keyword tool and enter several related keywords in the search box. See the volumes for monthly searches, both locally and globally. There is of course the competition – high, medium and low. You have a better chance with keywords that have low competition. Remember to be specific enough also. This snapshot is my ranking on Google for ads on Google homepage phrase.By the way, that video below it is mine as well on YouTube!

how to rank on google

2)Getting Social With Your Content

After targeting the right keywords or phrase on your posts, you want to enable readers to share the posts if they liked it. This actually is very important and it works. The post that boosted my blog from darkness to number #1 on Google was first posted on Reddit, then picked up by someone who then shared it on codeproject website. Since that day, I am still enjoying organic traffic. In simple words, add social sharing buttons because you just never know who might like your posts, or hate it for that matter! Caution: Share your posts without spamming! This snapshot shows the ranking of my other post: Top 10 things to do before you die

how to rank on google

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3)Quality Content That is Helpful

Everyone out there, including you, would agree that quality content is important. You want to visit a site that solves your problems, answers your questions and stuff like that. I understand there are blogs that you visit for fun and that is also good because they satisfy your needs one way or another. That being said, before someone clicks the share button for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, they have to like your content. But what is quality content anyway? You can tell if something is worth your time if it answers your questions, if it is laid out clearly and easy to follow. Those are just a few things to consider. Here is a snapshot of my other #1 ranked post on Bing, Yahoo and Google.

how to rank on google

 4)Backlinks From Quality Sites

Many search engine optimization experts will tell you that you need quality backlinks because Google uses them to rank your pages. I say pages here because Google doesn’t really rank websites. That is why one post can be famous on your blog while others die a horrible death buried deep in the black hole of the web. Getting backlinks is not an easy task. You have to locate quality sites, write to their owners politely and ask if they could exchange links with you. Again, this is difficult because when you are starting out, nobody will want to link to you especially if your traffic is small and quality not so much. Have guest bloggers, invite them to yours and start from there. Here is another one of my successful posts on Yahoo! search. #2 is awesome, because if the first link fails to satisfy the need, I will be waiting to do so! 🙂

how to rank on google

5)Use WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you have access to great plugins. I like WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast because it is truly awesome. Since the day I started using it, I have moved from posting content just because I had time to do so to researching and optimizing them like they ought to be. One thing worth mentioning is the ability to move from one post to another by a visitor using the Yet Another Related Post (YARP) plugin. At the bottom of a post, this plugin automagically pulls up related posts giving the visitors an option to click and read further. Navigation is another thing that should be obvious to you. Make your site easy to navigate because that is how you rank on Google and other search engines.


As I said earlier, there is no shortcut when it comes to being found on search engines. It takes time and endless effort. You don’t just do it once and forget about it. You do it everyday or at least whenever you post something new. It can be frustrating too at times but you must keep trying. Most importantly, think about those readers you are trying to reach. What would you do if you were them?

Thank you for reading through this post on how to rank on Google and other search engines. The list is longer than this but I didn’t want to make this post too long. You can read my other post on WordPress SEO here

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Written By Elisha Chirchir

Elisha Chirchir is a software developer. He is also the founder of Simple Developer and co-founder of Instinctive Software Solutions. On any given day, he works on both Android and Web Development. During his 'free time', he offers training to those interested in learning how to code in php, java, python, javaScript etc. You can easily find him on StackOverflow Android chatroom or on Twitter @Eenvincible

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