The Body of Chad Rogers Found – The Search Is Over

Thanks to everyone who shared this post. The body of Chad Rogers has been found by the Liberty Police and the investigation continues to find out what caused his death. Keep the family in your prayers.

Help find Chad Rogers, a resident of my local city – Liberty Missouri, who has been missing since Monday night when he left home for a run at around 8pm. The police department have been collaborating with locals to try and find him.

I am posting this to try and share the news so that if anyone has seen him, they can call the police department using this phone number: 816.439.4701 or send me a message on my blog and I will call the police. Here is his photo:

Help Find Chad Rogers – Liberty Missouri Resident Missing

find chad rogers

He is known to be a marathon runner and this other photo might help anyone identify him.

find chad rogers

Once again, if you have seen him anywhere, please call the following phone number or write me a message through my contact page and I will call the Liberty Police department who are assisting in the search with other members of the community.


You can also find more information about Chad Rogers by visiting the Liberty Police Department’s website here .

Thank you and please share this post with your online friends and by so doing, they might be able to help with the search or provide tips that could help locate Chad Rogers.

Every piece of information is helpful.

Thank you!


Written By Elisha Chirchir

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