Introducing AllosTech – A New 3D Printing Company

3D Printer

3D printing technology is no longer too foreign to most of us. You must have heard about it while running around or even while seated somewhere watching something online – who knows? In this feature post, am going to let my friend Nathan Adams tell us about his brand new company – FYI he also provides hosting services among other things; AllosTech and what he has to offer to the masses as far as 3D printing technology is concerned.


3D Printing Technology – AllosTech Launching

I am pleased to announce the opening of a brand new 3D Printing company – AllosTech

Government Shutdown and The Only Lesson To Learn From It

The US government shut down recently for two weeks and it is reported that the economy lost $24 billion dollars as a result of the bickering in Washington DC. If you know your stuff well, you will remember that this is not the first time this has happened. What is the point of all these? Are you FED up with this? I know many people are, and as sure as heck, I am too!! This is my weekend recap post and I would urge you to keep reading my rants if politics interest you.

us-government shutdown

Terrorism In Kenya – The Evil Acts of Killing The Innocent

Terrorism in Kenya has taken an uptick lately and the latest incident is totally heinous and evil. That is not to say that there are good versions of terror. There are certain things in life that you can hear about, see or smell and still say nothing about them but this is not one of them. I mean, who in their right mind uses religion as an excuse to kill innocent people? What? This is just too much.

terrorism in kenya

The Body of Chad Rogers Found – The Search Is Over

Thanks to everyone who shared this post. The body of Chad Rogers has been found by the Liberty Police and the investigation continues to find out what caused his death. Keep the family in your prayers.

Help find Chad Rogers, a resident of my local city – Liberty Missouri, who has been missing since Monday night when he left home for a run at around 8pm. The police department have been collaborating with locals to try and find him.

How I Use a Bike and Play Tennis Fitness

Hello! Today, I am not going to write about software developer fitness and coding, instead. I want to share my fitness regiment. Am I fit? I doubt it! I just try to be by doing a few things:

The Shake Weight Craze

If you have not heard of the shake weight don’t worry, I am going to show you right now. Here is a photo and please don’t jump into conclusions. It is pure exercise:

software developer fitness and coding

What Patience and Passion Can Pay You

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are having a great weekend – unless you have already crossed into Monday! Today I was expecting to visit a local zoo but it didn’t happen due to unavoidable circumstances – meaning you will not see cute lions and chimps until I visit them soon. Right now though, I want to say something about patience and Passion. 

how to succeed in life after failing

More often that not, I ask myself questions about life. The common whys and ifs. I believe most of us do. When will I succeed? Then even more: How many times must I fail? Why are my plans looking good at first and yet they never bear any fruit in the end?

Are You Interested In Weekend Hangouts For Coders?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever wanted to participate in live hangouts with coders?. If that sounds like you, let me share with you an idea I just thought about: Google+ Hangouts on The Weekends (Saturday) for coders(beginners and experts alike)!

live hangouts for coders

I am looking for coders who are willing to hangout on Saturdays for a few hours (could be 1 – 2) on Google Plus. The hangouts will involve teaching each other new things and writing code to solve small problems that fit the available time span.

How To Make Lasting Connections With People

Hello! I will start by saying let this be a happy day to every mother out there! Now that we have covered that and before I jump into tips on how to make lasting relationships/connections with people, am excited because I just got a bike today…yay! I can’t wait to  start riding it! Now back to the topic of networking. This subject kept   coming up to me when I was trying to sleep but I chose to write about it today.

how to make friends that last

After 15 Hours of Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Hello! Three days ago, I spent two hours each learning Ruby through Lynda dot com. This was not necessarily my first encounter with Ruby but I will say that it was the first serious attempt at learning to program in it. One thing that I did a month ago was to go through the highly recommended Ruby on Rails online book (approx 8 hours). This post will describe briefly what I thought. Let us get started.

programming with ruby language

Perhaps it might be of help(to those who might not know) to mention the fact that Ruby on Rails is NOT Ruby. Instead, Ruby on Rails (commonly written as RoR) is a Framework written in Ruby language.

Boston Marathon Bombings and The Texas Blast

Hello! This weekend, I would like to finish off this week with a few words based on what has transpired so far. We might both agree to the fact that it has been quite terrifying and yet amazing how great people came together (and still do) in the name of peace and love.


This has been a sad week for sure. I will start by thanking the brave men and women in uniforms. They did all they could to bring the second terror suspect to justice and by so doing, they put their own lives at risk. To those who lost their lives or got injured during the bombing, I hope justice is truly served. May peace be with you.