How To Fix Buffer Problem In Laravel Controllers

The Response::download buffer problem is an issue that causes the output buffer to not be discarded and buffering is not turned off in PHP. Figuring out that you have this problem is not an easy task – Scott and I spent quite some time trying to find out why our images were not being rendered by our browser while working on a laravel project. That being said, we went to work – really went to town and tried to solve this issue. After a significant amount of caffeine, we found the solution – thanks in part to Scott’s relentless effort (I know he is reading this). So, here is the workaround.

How To Get Started With Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework is a popular PHP framework that is taking the web development community by storm. Heck, I never thought I would ever use PHP until I started using Laravel. So what made me give it a shot? I will make this short; we had to take over a laravel project from another guy at work! After a couple of months of using it, I was so impressed that I started using it on my major project that I initially wanted to write in Python. Yeah, so you can take me up on that because it is pretty damn cool. Anyway, in this post, I will just touch on a few things to prepare for further posts where we will create a simple web application using the awesome Laravel framework.

Important Skills Colleges Never Teach Programmers

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. After a previous post received 106 comments and generated thousands of views and reactions, it made sense to write about the other side of the coin: skills colleges never teach programmers. Let us take a look at a few, shall we?

skills colleges never teach programmers

There is no doubt college has become the industry requirement for getting a job – however, does it really teach you everything you need for the real world? It seems the obvious answer is an astounding NO! 

Lynda vs Pluralsight Developer Training

Let us look at Lynda vs Pluralsight Deverloper Training. Today, I want to give my brief comparison of and – both of which provide training and courses to software developers and newbies alike. Starting a week ago, I signed up for a free trial on Lynda to learn Photoshop and color matching for web design because I recently took heat for not being good at it(I have been told that I have one of those things where you cannot easily identify colors – oh wait, it is called color blind ): ).

lynda vs pluralsight developer training

Learn a Programming Language In 21 Days – Not

Hi! I hope you are doing good today. Let us assume you are trying to learn something totally new. What would you do first? I suspect you will visit the internet, grab some highly recommended books from Amazon, register for a class somewhere and many others. But what if you had a chance to learn your craft fast? Really fast!

how to program in 21 days

You have probably seen some of those online ads telling you that you could be speaking a new language in 10 days. The question is, why are people in such a hurry?

Object Oriented Programming In Java – Inheritance

Object oriented programming in java is very powerful and a clear understanding is important. While I was trying to dig deeper, I realized that there is more to it than I actually knew. So, I looked around the web and spent some time on StackOverflow! Now let us create a simple file here

public class Base{
public static void main(String[] args]){
//do some cool stuff here

Moving Out of WordPress

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Today, I decided to migrate my blog from WordPress to a self-hosted  domain : I was lucky enough to find available and so I grabbed it and ran away!.


When I realized that I could do more outside WordPress, I decided to take the risk. I am still using WordPress as a blogging platform. What I changed is where my blog is hosted. One other important thing is that I don’t have to type .wordpress when visiting my site anymore! Now a few takeaways:

Object-oriented Programming In PHP – Part II

Yesterday I created a post on OOP and had to split it in two to avoid making it too long. Today, I am going to finish up the remaining part before starting other stuff! So, let us get started here.


Controlling Visibility Through Inheritance With private and protected

While writing code using OOP, you can use private and protected visibility modifiers to control what gets inherited. Attributes or methods declared as private will not be inherited. If an attribute or a method is marked as protected, it will not be visible outside the class (like private) but will be inherited. Example:

Object-Oriented Programming In PHP – Part I

Welcome to Object Oriented Programming in PHP. According to Wikipedia , Object-oriented programming(OOP) is a programming paradigm that represents concepts as objects that have data fields (attributes that describe the object) and associated procedures known as methods. An object  is an instance of a class – that is, you use a class to create an object. The easiest way to understand OOP is using a real-world example.


Writing Your Own Functions – PHP

Functions exist in most programming languages and they separate code that performs a single well-defined task. This makes it easier to read and reuse the code. A function is a self-contained module of code that prescribes a calling interface, performs some task and optionally returns a result.

There are several reasons to write your own functions in PHP; for instance if you want to perform a task that other built-in functions cannot help you do. Let us quickly look at an example of a function call before we do function definition.

#call a function in php