How To Setup Virtual Host In Apache (Ubuntu 14.x.x)

Let’s learn how to setup virtual host in apache (on Ubuntu) – most of what am going to show you will apply to other versions of Ubuntu below 14.*. and so if you need to configure your own local virtual host on Ubuntu, you can simply follow this tutorial. I will make this as simple as possible; after all, permissions and configurations can really screw your Ubuntu installation faster than you can blink – especially when you are not an Ubuntu expert. Let us do it.

how to setup virtual host in apache

How To Setup Virtual Host In Apache – Simple Steps

  • Step 1 : Create Your Folders

ADB Not Responding Wait or Kill Server Manually – The Solution

“Adb not responding. you can wait more or kill adb process manually and click ‘restart'” – this is the error message I got after installing Intellij 13 and a clean Ubuntu 13 on my machine. I used to run Windows 8 but I decided to switch everything to Linux. I looked everywhere – and saying I was annoyed is an understatement. To worsen things, I am a little under the weather today (sick). Anyway, I eventually was able to fix this problem after hours and hours of trying. This is how I felt when I couldn’t find the solution:

How To Fix ‘The System Running In Low Graphics Mode’ Error (Linux)

“Your System running in low graphics mode.” Yeah, you have been served son! Today was one of those dark days for me. I was feeling tired after a few hours on the computer configuring some stuff – particularly LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl) tools. I did this because I am planning to create some APIs for a project! So, I just let my laptop go to sleep and when I came back it was OFF. What the heck? I asked myself and tried turning it ON to the shock of my eyes. This is what surprised me;

Windows – Linux Transition And Here Comes The Terminator

A Windows – Linux switch can be both exciting and scary to say the least. At my new (awesome) job, everybody uses Linux (Ubuntu) and I arrived there as a Windows guy only to learn that I was the only black sheep in the family. So, instead of being lethargic, I called on the gods of the universe to help me make the once-seemingly-inevitable transition. Today, am happy to announce that I have officially made a Windows to Linux change. The rest of this post will detail the process! Enjoy it!

windows - linux