How Often Should You Have Comments In Code?

comments in code

Comments in code is such an endless debate, so much so that I couldn’t help but share my own arguments on it. So, where do I really stand as far as comments in code is concerned? Hold it for a second. In his best-selling book Clean Code, Uncle Bob, makes the following analogy while talking about clean code :  as location is to real estate, so is readability to source code. I totally agree with that statement. With that in mind, let us take a look at some arguments for and against having comments in your code.

Redesigning Worlds Of Fun Ride – The Octopus

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to an amusement park to have some much needed fun that I should have had on my birthday – not much of a big deal quite honestly. Luckily, I live less than four miles away from the very popular Worlds of Fun located in Kansas City. This was my second trip there with the main difference being that I had a ticket that allowed me to go to the water park as well. After having a lot of fun (no pun intended) – which was overshadowed by the sickening wait times, I headed to the other side of the park to enjoy some rides. That is where I met this guy.

Is Soda Bad For You? A Confession and a 30-Day Challenge

Tell me, is soda bad for you? I know you are probably saying, oh definitely it is not good for your health but we still drink it anyway. Like one guy once joked, if it is bad for you, why did they make it taste so darn good? I have a confession to make today: I drink a good amount of soda every week. You know those 1.25 Liter Sprite bottles from Walgreens ? They only cost 99 cents. I also like Root Beer but I prefer to buy it from A & W restaurant because it tastes so friggin’ good. Anyway, here is the terrible part of the story:

jQuery Interview Questions You Should Know

Today, I am sharing jQuery interview Questions you should know especially if you are preparing for a job interview. There are several questions but I will only share some for now and save the remaining ones for later posts.

jquery interview questions

Before we look at some questions, it is important to know that if you don’t know an answer to a question during any type of job interview including jQuery interviews, it is good to say that you don’t know the answer instead of making stuff up. Now that we have that honesty piece out of the way, let us enter the jQuery interview questions part:

Best SEO Tips For WordPress Bloggers

Today I want to share the best SEO tips for WordPress. You could say SEO is overrated because there is just way too much noise out there with some making promises that never work. I am not an expert but after several months of learning, I believe what I am doing on my blog is working for me. That is exactly what I want to share with you.

best seo tips for wordpress

How To Build Simple Counter Android App

In my first android app development post, I showed how you could easily create a simple to do list application from scratch. In this post however, we are going deeper or one step further by creating a Counter App that will change a value as well as the background color depending on which button is clicked. If you asking yourself of a use case, I am thinking of a scenario where you are playing family games and you want to keep score count. You can reset to zero when you are starting over. Pretty fun right? Let us look at the final product before writing some code:

Free Book Download For a Limited Time Today

Hello! Today, I would love to inform you that my book is available for download on Amazon Kindle Store for a limited time. In that order therefore, all book lovers have an opportunity to download this awesome story without paying the regular price.

Free book download

That being said, you can download a copy for yourself by clicking the image above or following the link below:

Download a copy of My Life Sentences – A True Story 

A Few Questions and Answers

1)What is the title of the book and why?

Good Programming Styles and Practices

Hello! I hope you are doing good today! Understanding good programming styles and practices is very important to any serious programmer. Most people have arguments for and against certain ways of programming – let us look at a few and then give you an opportunity to share your own views.

good programming styles and practices

Common Questions :

  • Should you comment your code or not?
  • Curly braces on separate lines or not ?
  • Camel case or not camel case?
  • Should you use underscores in function names?
  • To put or not to put author’s name in the file?

How I Use a Bike and Play Tennis Fitness

Hello! Today, I am not going to write about software developer fitness and coding, instead. I want to share my fitness regiment. Am I fit? I doubt it! I just try to be by doing a few things:

The Shake Weight Craze

If you have not heard of the shake weight don’t worry, I am going to show you right now. Here is a photo and please don’t jump into conclusions. It is pure exercise:

software developer fitness and coding

How To Build Simple App Using HTML5 Web Storage API – Part III

Hello!This is the third post on how to use html5 web storage api to create a simple web application (sticky notes). If you have not read the second post, please click here to get started before going forward – although it is up to you to choose. Today, I am going to complete the app by adding some improvements and fixing some potential errors in the design. Enjoy with me!

html5 web storage api

Before the end of my second post in this series, we had something that looked like this:

html5 web storage example