How To Communicate Between Fragments and Activities in Android

Welcome to: how to communicate between fragments and activities in your android applications. If you have not done so already, please check out my previous post on dynamic layout design using weights and fragments that I wrote yesterday! In the above linked post, I briefly talk about how to solve the problem of dealing with different device sizes by letting the android system adjust accordingly! In today’s post, we are going to take a quick look at how fragments can communicate back to the activity – basically how they can call back and forth to pass information when needed. Also, if you ever use fragments, you should always avoid trying to let fragments communicate with one another – it is a bad idea (will explain this later).

How To Use Android Fragments And Weights To Create Dynamic Layouts

Let’s learn how to use android fragments and weights in this post – which is part of a series am doing!  If you have done anything in android development, you must have certainly run into a situation where you have to deal with different size devices and trust me, it is a piece of work. Just getting all the images to look right is a pain if you don’t have the right tools. With that being said, today I would like to share with you some of the tips I have learned over the months that I have been doing android development. Let us get to it!

ADB Not Responding Wait or Kill Server Manually – The Solution

“Adb not responding. you can wait more or kill adb process manually and click ‘restart'” – this is the error message I got after installing Intellij 13 and a clean Ubuntu 13 on my machine. I used to run Windows 8 but I decided to switch everything to Linux. I looked everywhere – and saying I was annoyed is an understatement. To worsen things, I am a little under the weather today (sick). Anyway, I eventually was able to fix this problem after hours and hours of trying. This is how I felt when I couldn’t find the solution:

And The Android Tablet Winner Is ……..(Announced Today)

I have been planning to announce the winner of the Free Android Tablet I announced two weeks or so ago in a previous post. The good news is that I will do so today in this post and it could be you! It took me a while to decide on who the winner was, not because it was necessarily hard but because of time – working Monday – Friday every week leaves me with weekends to do other stuff (like writing blog posts and projects). Anyway, here we are and it is time to see who the winner is.

win free android tablet

How To Design Android Apps – a Simple Example

Let’s Learn how to design android apps in this post. Before we go any farther, I would like to warn you that I am not a designer by trade but I am learning these skills each day. In fact, I will admit that am terrible with colors (don’t expect over the top results from me as far as colors are concerned). Anyway, I like showing people what the final product looks like before I explain how to create it – this is because it helps those learning to have the picture in their memory and of course it is exciting that way. Let us get to it.

Win a Free Android Tablet For Testing Your Apps

Win a FREE android 7 inch tablet and use it to test your android applications before publishing them! Yeah, I am not kidding here pal, you could be a winner of a new android tablet. Everything is on me. It comes with a charger and a USB cord for debugging your badass applications.  Here is the tablet am talking about!

win free android tablet

How To Win a Free Android Tablet

You are probably asking; what are the rules here mr grasshopper? Nothing much really. Just to keep this fair and civil, here are the contest rules:

How To Build Android Apps Using Google Maps API

You wanna build an android app using Android Google Maps API? If you answered yes, stick around. I have something good for you. At the end of this post, you can checkout my repository for the source code for this simple android app unnecessarily named “KENYAPP”. Well, it is an app about Kenya. You can change the name to what you want. Also change the coordinates to your own country.

Android Google Maps API Demo App End Product


As you can see, on the left of the top part is  a list of Provinces and on the right hand side is a map with a marker on it. Below the map are several things;

Understanding The Android Application Manifest File

Today, I would like to help you understand the Android Application Manifest File as an android developer. Each android application you build will include a file called AndroidManifest.xml which is placed in the root of the project hierarchy. So why is it important? Because it lets you define the structure and metadata of your android application and its components.

android application manifest file

The Android Application Manifest file includes nodes for each of the following components:

  • Activities
  • Services
  • Content providers
  • Broadcast Receivers

How To Build Simple Counter Android App

In my first android app development post, I showed how you could easily create a simple to do list application from scratch. In this post however, we are going deeper or one step further by creating a Counter App that will change a value as well as the background color depending on which button is clicked. If you asking yourself of a use case, I am thinking of a scenario where you are playing family games and you want to keep score count. You can reset to zero when you are starting over. Pretty fun right? Let us look at the final product before writing some code:

How To Create ToDoList Android App From Scratch

You want to create android apps and you are wondering where to start? Maybe you can get started making great applications and make some cold hard cash – I make no guarantees that you will be richer than you are now, therefore don’t sue me for saying you might make money! Let us get to it, shall we?

Here is what our final app will look like:

create android app from scratch