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Elisha Chirchir 07 Sep , 2014

1. SalesLife 360 For Business

Automate all your sales processes; eliminate paperwork like a boss; track sales with instant monitoring and reporting using SalesLife 360!

Android app on Google Play

2. Quotes (FREE)

This app is a simple utility tool that takes away the worry of forgetting some of your most important thoughts by giving you the ability to record (either speak them out or just type in) them.

It then allows you to shuffle through available quotes or thoughts or ideas. The app automatically loads different thoughts/quotes/ideas when you start it.

As if that is not enough, the app lets you sit back and press play to listen to your ideas.

Manage all your quotes/thoughts in one place, edit, delete and even share with your friends online!

Please, try it. DOWNLOAD NOW to give it a go then leave me a review in the playstore; I truly appreciate your feedback! Thanks and enjoy.

Android app on Google Play

3. Food Saver (FREE)

This app is one of the most important and personal projects I have worked on since I started developing for Android. 21,000 people (mostly children) die every single day of hunger – and yet there is enough food for everyone on earth. So, what are we doing about it? I have decided to stop waiting for “others” to do something about it by developing this application.

It simply provides you with 15 closest food banks/pantries/collection centers near you and sorts them by distance so you can pick one to donate your food and help feed the hungry.

Food Saver also comes with a simple built-in To-Do list that helps you keep track of your food donation appointments!

Since it uses your device’s GPS, you get new food banks every time you change locations (drive to your friends’ house or out of town).


Android app on Google Play

4. Android Fragments Guide (NO ADS and FREE)

This is a simple android app that I created to help beginning developers learn how to use fragments in their apps. It also shows them how to communicate between fragments and activities through the communicator design pattern that emphasizes loose coupling – popular in the object-oriented programming paradigm.

Android app on Google Play

Please support my efforts by leaving a review on Google Play Store. Thank you.

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